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die Lehre, -n
the apprenticeship
die Leine, -n
the leash
die Leistung, -en
the achievement
die Leiter, -n
the ladder
die Leitung, -en
the cable, the wiring, the pipes
die Leute
the people (PLURAL ONLY)
die Liebe
the love (no plural)
die Lilie, -n
the lily
die Linie, -n
the line
die Lippe, -n
the lip
die Lira, die Lire
the lira (former Italian currency)
die Liste, -n
the list
die Literatur, -en
the literature
die Lösung, -en
the solution
die Luft, -"e
the air
die Luftbrücke, -n
the airlift
die Luftbrückengüter
the goods transported by airlift (plural only)
die Lüge, -n
the lie
die Lüneburger Heide
(no plural) the Lüneburg Heath, a natural region in northern Germany of mostly low-growing woody vegetation (heath) and woodland.
die Lust
the desire, joy, pleasure, enjoyment (no plural)
die Makkaroni
the macaroni (plural only)
die Malerei
the painting (as an activity) (no plural)
die Mandarine, -n
the mandarin orange
die Märchenstadt, -"e
the fairy-tale city
die Märchenwelt, -en
the wonderland