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die Nichte, -n
the niece
die Niederlande
the Netherlands (plural only)
die Nordsee
the North Sea (no plural)
die Not, -"e
the need
die Note, -n
the mark, the grade, the musical note
die Notiz, -en
the note
die Nudel, -n
the noodle
die Nummer, -n
the number (1)
die Nuss, -"e
the nut
die Ode, -n
the ode
die Ohrenschmerzen
the earache (plural only)
die Olive, -n
the olive
die Oma, -s
the grandma (informal)
die Oper, -n
the opera
die Orange, -n
the orange
die Ordnung, -en
the order (arrangement)
die Ostsee
the Baltic Sea (no plural)
die Packung, -en
the packet, the parcel (small)
die Panne, -n
the failure, the breakdown
die Partei, -en
the (political) party
die Partnerstadt, -"e
the twin city
die Party, -s
the party (2)
die Patrouille, -n
the patrol
die Pause, -n
the break, the intermission
die Pension, -en
1. the boarding/guest house; 2. the pension (monetary)