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Nuées Ardentes
Highly destructive fast moving clouds of dust/ash
Shield Volcano
Volcano that covers a large area with gently sloping sides
Strato Volcano
Tall, conical volcano composed of many layers
Energy generated by heat stored deep inside Earth
Global Positioning System
A group of satellites that allow people to find their exact location on Earth
Destructive plate boundary
When a continental plate meets an oceanic plate
Constructive plate boundary
Two plates move apart. As they move apart the magma from the magma chamber flows up to fill the gap. This causes a volcano
Conservative Plate boundary
Where two plates move sideways past each other and land is neither created nor destroyed.
Hot Spot
An area of the earth's crust with a high amount of heat flow, causing volcanic activity
Pyroclastic Flow
Avalanches of hot, volcanic debris
A type of mudflow consisting of pyrclastic material and water that flows down a volcano