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ëla gh'á
she has
nui gh'avëmu
we have
vui gh'avi
you have (plural)
ëli gh'ávi
they have ♂
ële gh'ávi
they have ♀
u me
my (♂ singular)
u to
your (2nd person singular, ♂ singular)
u so
his/her/their (♂ singular)
u me gatu, a me' gata
my male cat, my female cat
u to libru, a to' ciüma
your book, your pen (2nd person singular)
u nostru
our (♂ singular)
u vostru
your (2nd person plural, ♂ singular)
me páire
my father
nostra máire
our mother
to frái
your brother