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le xamgu jufra (useful sentences)

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mi djuno .i ku'i mi na djica
I know. But I don't want.
mi djuno le du'u le nu tadni la lojban. cu cinri
I know that studying Lojban is interesting.
mi na djuno
I don't know.
mi jinvi le du'u la lojban. cu zabna
I have an opinion that Lojban is cool (I think that Lojban is cool)
.ei mi cliva .i co'o do
I should leave. Bye to you! (It should be so that I leave. Bye to you!)
mi ba citka
I will eat.
.ai mi citka
I'm going to eat.
simlu le ka zabna
Seems to be cool.
la lojban. cu simlu le ka frica le drata bangu
Lojban seems to be different from other languages.
simlu le ka nandu
Seems to be difficult.
simlu le ka cinri
Seems to be interesting.
ca le cabdei
ca le cabdei mi surla
Today I rest.
ca le cabdei mi se jibri
Today I work. (in job)
ca le cabdei mi klama le ckule
Today I go to school.
ca le cabdei mi klama le briju
Today I go to office.
mi srera
I make an error
cumki fa le nu mi srera
It's possible that I make an error
do drani
You are right
cumki fa le nu do drani
It's possible that you are right
ma smuni zo coi
What is the meaning of Lojban word {coi} ?
zoi zoi.Hello.zoi. smuni zo coi
"Hello" is a meaning of Lojban word {coi}
ma gugde do
What is your country?