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le drata jufra (other sentences)

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mi co'a tadni
I start studying.
mi co'a smujmi
I start to understand.
mi pu zi citka
I just ate.
mi pu zi co'a cikna
I just woke up.
mi pu zi co'a smujmi fi do
I just understood you.
mi nelci la lojban.
I like Lojban.
le ka pilno le vlaste cu frili
Using dictionaries is easy.
xu do kakne le ka sutra tavla
You are able to rapidly talk? (Are you able to talk fast?)
mi troci le ka tavla bau la lojban.
I try to talk in Lojban.
le nu mi tadni la lojban. cu rinka le nu mi smujmi fi do
That I study Lojban makes me understand you.