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Chapter 2 Vocabulary

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(अवगच्छति, अवगम्) avagacchati, avagam
(s)he understands
(आगच्छति, अागम) āgacchati, āgam
(s)he comes
(अानयति, अानी) ānayati, ānī
(s)he brings
(गच्छति, गम्) gacchati, gam
(s)he goes
(गायति, गै) gāyati, gai
(s)he sings
(जयति, जि) jayati, ji
(s)he wins, conquers
(जीवति, जीव) jīvati, jīv
(s)he lives, is alive
(पश्यति,दृश्) paşyati, drş
(s)he sees, looks (at)
(नयति, नी) nayati, nī
(s)he leads, takes with (oneself)
(भ्रमति, भ्रम्) bhramati, bhram
(s)he wanders, is confused
(वदति) vadati, vad
(s)he speaks, says
(वसति) vasati, vas
(s)he lives, dwells
(शेचति, सुच) şocati, şuc
(s)he grieves
(तिष्ठति, स्था) tiSHTHati, sthā
(s)he stands, halts, stops
(स्मरति, स्मृ) smarati, smr
(s)he remembers
(नृत्यति, नृत्) nrtyati, nrt
(s)he dances (Class IV)
(माद्यति, मद्) mādyati, mad
(s)he rejoices (Class IV)
(इच्छति, इष्) icchati, iş
(s)he wishes, wants (Class VI)
(उपविशति, उपविश्) upavişati, upa+viş
(s)he sits down (VI)
(पृच्छति, प्रच) prcchati, prach
(s)he asks (Class VI)
(प्रविशति, प्रविश्) pravişati, pra+viş
(s)he goes in(to), enters, comes in(to) (Class VI)
(लिखति, लिख) likhati, likh
(s)he writes (Class VI)
(अत्र) atra
here, to here
(अद्य) adya
(अधुना) adhunå
(अपि) api
also, too, even (postpositive)
(इतः) itah
from here, in this direction, in this way
(एवं) evam
thus, so
(कथं) katham
how? what the...?
(क्व) kva
(तत्र) tatra
there, to there, tatra
(न) na
(पुनर्) punar
again; (as an enclitic) however, but
(पुनरपि) punar api
yet again, again, once more
(च) ca
and (enclitic and comes after second word)
(किम्) kim
what, why
(इव) iva
as it were, seems
(इति) iti
thus, ends quote