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(गच्छामि) gacchāmi
I go
(अत्र न प्रविशामः) atra na pravişāmah
here we do not enter
(पुनरपि लिखति) punar api likhati
yet again (s)he writes
(अधुना क्व वसथ) adhunā kva vasatha
now where do y'all live?
(एवमिच्छसि) evam icchasi
thus you want
(क्व पुनस्तिष्ठन्ति) kva punastiSHTHanti
but where do they stand? where again do they stand?
(कथमित अागच्छति) kathamita āgacchati
how does he come from here?
(अत्र किमानयत:) atra kimānayatah
what do the two chaps bring here? (dual)
(पश्यामि लिखामिच) paşyāmi likhāmi ca
I see and I write!
(भ्रमतीव) bhramatīva
As it were he wanders; it seems he wanders
(नृतयथो गायथश्च) nrtyatho gāyathaş ca
yous two dance and yous two sing (dual)
(स्मरन्तिच शोचन्तिच) smaranti ca şocanti ca
both they remember and they grieve
(अत्र प्रविशाव इति वदतः) atra pravişāva iti vadatah
the two of us enter here thus speak the two guys; "here the two of us enter" the two chaps say (dual)
(अधुनापि कथं नागच्छति) adhunāpi katham nāgachati
now also how does he not come? (yes/no) how does he now not come?
(जयामीति माद्यामि) jayāmīti mādyāmi
I win thus I rejoice; I win (I say) rejoicing