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Good and Evil

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Not to have known suffering is not to be truly human.
The soul that sins- it shall die.
Richard Rubenstein
There is no credible way to believe in Judaism after the Holocaust.
Bereshit 7
There is a righteous man who suffers and a wicked man who prospers.
Ecclesiastes 7:20
There is no righteous man on Earth who never sins. (ie only God is perfect)
A way of life walking with God- v. important for this topic!!
Yom Kippur
Day of Atonement
Natural Evil
Suffering caused by nature I.e volcanoes, drought
Moral Evil
Suffering caused by actions of humans
Agreement God made with the Jewish people that he would look after them and they would be his people
Means Catastrophe, used to describe the Holocaust
I am the one who makes peace and creates evil
613 laws for Jewish people to follow