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Chapter 6, Lesson 3

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Tvmaha ia li.
I am going to town.
Tvmaha ish ia.
You are going to town.
Tvmaha ia.
She is going to town.
Issi nipi hoponi li tuk.
I cooked venison.
Issi nipi ish hoponi tuk.
You cooked venison.
Issi nipi hoponi tuk.
He cooked venison.
Holisso apisa ia la chi̱.
I will go to school.
Holisso apisa ish ia chi̱.
You will go to school.
Holisso apisa ia chi̱.
She will go to school.
Wak nipi vpa li.
I am eating beef.
Wak nipi ish vpa tuk.
You ate beef.
Wak nipi vpa chi̱.
He will eat beef.
Nipi vpa li tuk.
I ate meat.
Nipi ish vpa tuk o̱?
Did you eat meat?
nusa chi̱
will sleep