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Chapter 6, Lesson 4

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Palvska vpa la chi̱.
I will eat bread.
Ofi mvt nipi vpa chi̱.
That dog will eat meat.
Holisso apisa yvt chito.
The school is big.
Takkon vt okchamali yo̱?
Is the apple green?
Tvmaha pvt chito kiyo.
This town is not big.
Vlla tek vt palvska vpa.
The girl is eating bread.
Ohoyo ushta yvt hoponi.
The four women are cooking.
Hattak kawasha yvt hiki̱a.
The short man is standing.
Hattak chaha yvt towa washoha.
The tall man is playing ball.
Bok vt falaya.
The river is long.
Aiimpa mvt yushkololi.
That table is short in length.
Holisso apisa ia li.
I am going to school.
Chahta hattak vt palvska vpa.
The Choctaw man is eating bread.
Ohoyo kawasha pvt binila chi̱.
This short woman will sit down.
Towa washoha tuk.
He played ball.