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Chapter 7, Lesson 2

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Takkon iti chaha ish pi̱sa ho̱?
Do you see the tall apple tree?
Katimma ish ia?
Where are you going?
Chukka ia li.
I am going home.
Katimi ho̱ chukka ish ia?
Why are you going home?
Miss Hannah vt wak nipi tahlapi hoponi.
Miss Hannah is cooking five steaks.
Hushi homma katohmi ish pi̱sa?
How many red birds do you see?
Hushi homma tuchina pi̱sa li.
I see three red birds.
Kvta pi̱sa tuk?
Who did she see?
Miss Virginia pi̱sa tuk.
He saw Miss Virginia.
Katimi ho̱ vlla yvt balili?
Why is the child running?
Vlla yvt towa washoha.
The child is playing ball.
Hattak vt katimma bininli?
Where is the man sitting?
Hattak mvt chukka anuka bininli.
That man is sitting inside the house.
Ohoyo yvt chukfi ushta pi̱sa tuk.
The woman saw four rabbits.
Vlla tek vt bok ia tuk.
The girl went to the river.
Ikhvnanchi yvt aiimpa aboha ia tuk.
The teacher went to the cafeteria.
Katos lakna yvt chukka anuka bininli tuk.
The yellow cat was sitting inside the house.
Hoponi micha nan vlhtuka yvt shvpo tohbi i̱shi.
The cook and police officer have white hats.
Hattak vt holisso sipokni i̱shi.
The man has an old book.
Hattak himitta mvt kanchvk micha bok ia chi̱.
That young man will go to the barn and river.