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Chapter 8, Lesson 2

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Ofi chito yvt katimma ittonla?
Where is the big dog laying?
Ofi chito yvt abinili nuta ittonla.
The big dog is laying under the chair.
Katos iskitini yvt aiimpa pakna bininli ho̱?
Is the small cat sitting on the table?
Katos iskitini yvt aiimpa pakna bininli kiyo.
The small cat is not sitting on the table.
Katimi ho̱ wak vt chukka bili̱ka impa?
Why is the cow eating near the house?
Wak vt chukka bili̱ka impa kiyo.
The cow is not eating near the house.
Issuba yvt kanchvk anuka ia tuk o̱?
Did the horse go in the barn?
Issuba yvt kanchvk anuka hiki̱a.
The horse is standing inside the barn.
Ampo okchakko mvt aiimpa pakna tala̱ya.
That blue plate is setting on the table.
Abinili pakna tala̱ya kiyo.
It is not setting on the chair.
Issi lusakbi pvt iti nuta hiki̱a ho̱?
Is this brown deer standing under the tree?
A̱, issi yvt iti nuta hiki̱a.
Yes, the deer is standing under the tree.
Abinili okchamali yvt hiki̱a.
The green chair is standing.
Ampo yvt aiimpa pakna tala̱ya.
The plate is setting on the table.
Katos vt ittonla.
The cat is laying.