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Chapter 9, Lesson 2

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Issi yvt iti bili̱ka hiki̱a.
The deer is standing near the tree.
Balila hinla.
She may run.
Mi̱ko yvt minti.
The chief is coming.
Mi̱ko yvt anumpuli.
The chief is speaking.
Tom vt towa isht vla tuk.
Tom brought a ball.
Towa isht ia.
He is taking the ball.
Pisa! Ofi yvt holisso isht vla.
Look! The dog is bringing the paper.
Tushpa! Holisso isht ia.
Hurry! Take the paper.
Issa! Ikhvnanchi yvt minti.
Stop! The teacher is coming.
Lohma! Ha̱klo li kiyo.
Be quiet! I don't hear it.
Miti! Pisa!
Come here! Look!
Lohma! Vlla yvt nusi.
Be quiet! The child is sleeping.
Wakaya micha pisa!
Stand up and look!
Balili! Wak lusa chito yvt minti.
Run! The big black cow is coming.
Holisso lusa isht vla.
Bring the black book.