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Chapter 9, Lesson 3

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nusa hinla
can sleep
nowa hinla
can walk
bininla hinla
can sit
Ish hakla hinla.
You can listen to it.
Ish impa hinla.
You can eat.
Ish hopona hinla.
You can cook.
Isht vla la hinla.
I can bring it.
Abinili chaha isht vla hinla.
He can bring the tall chair.
Holisso isht ia la hinla.
I can take the book.
Isht ishko isht vla hinla.
She may bring the glass.
Nusi la hinla.
I can sleep.
Impa hinla.
It can eat.
Mi̱ko yvt hakla hinla.
The chief may listen.
Isht ia la hinla.
I can take it.