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Chapter 10, Lesson 2

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Vm aboha...
My room...
Chim ilefoka...
Your clothes...
Im okhisa...
Her door...
vm isht holissochi
my pencil
chim aka̱ka
your chicken
im oka
its water
Vm ofi yvt balili.
My dog is running.
Vm abinili yvt hiki̱a.
My chair is standing.
Vlla tek mvt vm isht ishko i̱shi.
That girl has my cup.
Vm issuba pi̱sa tuk.
He saw my horse.
Chim aboha yvt libesha.
Your room is warm.
Chim aka̱ka yvt tanchi vpa tuk.
Your chicken ate corn.
Hattak vt chim vlla apela tuk.
The man helped your child.
Chim isht holissochi kobvffi tuk.
She broke your pencil.
Im ampo yvt iskitini.
His plate is small.