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Chapter 10, Lesson 3

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Vm aboha yvt chito.
My room is big.
Vm aka̱ka yvt nowa.
My chicken is walking.
Chim ilefoka achefa tuk.
She washed your clothes.
Hushi yvt im oka ishko.
The bird is drinking its water.
Vm okhisa yvt ti̱wa kiyo.
My door is not open.
Chim aiimpa aboha yvt chito.
Your cafeteria is large.
Vm isht holissochi pisa.
Look at my pencil.
Vm issuba yvt hiki̱a.
My horse is standing.
Chim isht ishko yvt lakna.
Your glass is yellow.
Im okhisa yvt ti̱wa.
His door is open.
Vm ampo achefa.
She is washing my dishes.
Hattak vt vlla apela.
The man is helping the child.
Vlla tek vt im oka ishko.
The girl is drinking her water.
Isht holissochi kobvffi tuk.
He broke the pencil.
Okhisa yvt ti̱wa kiyo.
The door is not open.