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Chapter 11, Lesson 2

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A̱ nan ola...
My radio...
Chi̱ shvpo...
Your hat...
I̱ wak...
Her cow...
a̱ shvpo
my hat
chi̱ wak
your cow
i̱ nan ola
his radio
A̱ shulush vt lvcha.
My shoes are wet.
A̱ chukka yvt tohbi.
My house is white
Ikhvnanchi yvt a̱ takkon vpa tuk.
The teacher ate my apple.
A̱ towa lakna i̱shi tuk.
He had my yellow ball.
Chi̱ katos vt hushi hokli tuk.
Your cat caught a bird.
Chi̱ nan ola yvt iskitini.
Your radio is small.
Vlla nakni mvt chi̱ shvpo bvnna.
That boy wants your hat.
Chi̱ tvmaha ia tuk.
She went to your town.
I̱ holisso apisa yvt a̱ chukka bili̱ka.
His school is near my house.