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Chapter 11, Lesson 3

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Vlla nakni yvt kanchvk bili̱ka bininli.
The boy is sitting near the barn.
Nan ola ish haklo ho̱?
Are you listening to the radio?
Ilefoka yvt lvcha.
The clothes are wet.
Aka̱ka yvt i̱ chukka chukkowa chi̱.
The chicken will enter its house.
Wak ipeta.
She is feeding the cow.
Katos vt hushi hokla chi̱.
The cat will catch the bird.
A̱ shukcha isht ia.
Take my bag.
Chi̱ shulush vt iskitini.
Your shoes are small.
I̱ shvpo pi̱sa li kiyo tuk.
I did not see his hat.
Pilashash i̱ chukka ia li tuk.
Yesterday I went to her house.
A̱ shulush vt lvcha.
My shoes are wet.
Katos vt pinti hokli tuk.
The cat caught the mouse.
Pilashash, a̱ shukcha yvt lvcha tuk.
Yesterday, my bag was wet.
Chahta hattak vt im oka ishko.
The Choctaw man is drinking his water.
I̱ shulush vt lvcha.
His shoes are wet.