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Chapter 12, Lesson 6

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Vmafo i̱ shukha yvt impa.
My grandfather's hog is eating.
Svshki i̱ banaha pisa.
Look at my mother's shuck bread.
Yvmmvt a̱ tek im atoksvli.
That is my sister's workplace.
Chipokni yvt shukha nipi vpa hinla.
Your grandmother can eat pork.
Chishki yvt chi̱ tek iba nowa.
Your mom is walking with your sister.
I̱ nakfi yvt oka ishko.
His brother is drinking water.
Imafo yvt toksvli.
Her grandfather is working.
A̱ tek im ofi yvt ha̱kla hinla.
My sister's dog can hear.
I̱ nakfi yvt nanta bvnna?
What does her brother want?
Vlla nakni yvt ipokni im anumpuli.
The boy is speaking to his grandma.
A̱ki yvt a̱ nakfi iba nowa.
My father is walking with my brother.
Vmafo yvt nusi.
My grandfather is sleeping.
Svpokni yvt hopona chi̱.
My grandmother will cook.
Hattak mvt a̱ki.
That man is my father.
Chi̱ki yvt katimma atoksvli?
Where does your father work at?