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Chapter 13, Lesson 5

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Vm ofi i̱ haknip vt falaya.
My dog's body is long.
Sv haksobish vt iskitini.
My ear is small.
A̱ nakfi i̱ hanali yvt yushkololi.
My brother's legs are short (in length).
Hattak ibbak vt kapvssa.
The man's hands are cold.
Ofi ibishakni yvt chito.
The dog's nose is big.
Chi̱ takha yvt ti̱wa.
Your mouth is open.
Svyyi yvt yushkololi kiyo.
My feet are not short.
Sv nashuka yvt homma.
My face is red.
Vlla i̱ nishkin vt okchakko.
The child's eyes are blue.
Hushi i̱ nushkobo yvt iskitini.
The bird's head is small.
A̱ tek i̱ pa̱shi yvt yushkololi.
My sister's hair is short.
Chi̱ki i̱ shakba yvt chito.
Your father's arm is big.
A̱ki ibbak vt homma.
My father's hands are red.
Sv nushkobo yvt lashpa.
My head is hot.
Sv takha yvt chito.
My mouth is big.