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Chapter 15, Lesson 2

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Sv hofahya fehna.
I am very embarrassed.
Sv hohchvffo bilia.
I am always hungry.
Chi hvshaya ho̱?
Are you sulking?
Chi nukha̱klo ho̱?
Are you sad?
Nukshopa ho̱?
Is it afraid?
Nukwia bilia ho̱?
Is he always timid?
Sv nuktvla fehna.
I am very calm.
Holisso pisa yvt ia.
The student is going.
Ofi mvt hohchvffo ahoba.
That dog seems to be hungry.
Hattak vt holisso shali.
The man is carrying books.
Vlla tek vt yaya.
The girl is crying.
Ikhvnanchi yvt iksho.
The teacher is absent.
Hattak vt chitolit anumpuli.
The man is speaking loudly.
Vlla pvt hofahya ahoba tuk.
This child seemed embarrassed.
Keyu, hohchvffo ahoba.
No, he seems hungry.