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Chapter 16, Lesson 2

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Chi̱ki yvt chaha ho̱?
Is your dad tall?
Keyu, a̱ki yvt kawasha.
No, my dad is short.
Sv pa̱shi yvt falaya.
My hair is long.
Chi̱ shakba yvt yushkololi.
Your arms are short.
Sv nashuka yvt nia.
My face is fat.
Ishki yvt chunna.
Her mom is skinny.
Ibbak vt chito.
His hands are big.
Chiyyi yvt iskitini.
Your feet are small.
Hattak pvt nukha̱klo.
This man is sad.
Chi̱ pa̱shi yvt lusa.
Your hair is black.
I̱ shvpo yvt tohbi.
His hat is white.
Mi̱ko yvt achukma̱ka.
The chief is healthy.
Vm vlla yvt abeka.
My child is sick.
Takkon vt balama.
The apple is fragrant.
Ofi illi mvt shua.
That dead dog smells rotten.