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Chapter 17, Lesson 3

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Mi̱ko yvt okla im anumpula chi̱.
The chief will speak to the people.
Na kanchi yvt bininli.
The sales clerk is sitting.
Aiittvtoba ia tuk.
He went to the store.
Svshki yvt aiittvnaha ia chi̱.
My mother will go to church.
Chahta ohoyo yvt illimpa hoponi.
The Choctaw women are cooking food.
Vlla apesvchi yvt na yukpa.
The babysitter is happy.
Ilvppvt Chahta Anumpa atoksvli.
This is a Choctaw Language workplace.
Yvmmvt abeka aiasha.
That is a hospital.
Abeka apesvchi yvt toksvli.
The nurse is working.
Aiimpa chukka chvffichi yvt hiki̱a.
The restaurant manager is standing.
Chahta okla yvt nowa chi̱.
The Choctaw people will walk.
Na kanchi yvt minti.
The sales person is coming.
Aiittvtoba ia sv bvnna.
I want to go to the store.
Aiittvnaha ish ia chi̱ ho̱?
Will you go to church?
Hattak mvt illimpa isht vla tuk.
That man brought the food.