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Chapter 18, Lesson 2

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Mahli yvt libesha.
The wind is warm.
Mvlahta ish pi̱sa ho̱?
Do you see the lightning?
Oktusha tuk o̱?
Did it snow?
Chitolit omba.
It is raining loudly.
Hvshi tomi yvt lashpa.
The sunshine is hot.
Omba tuk.
It rained.
Sv shakba yvt kapvssa.
My arms are cold.
Hoshonti ahoba.
It seems cloudy.
Omba ish pisa ho̱?
Are you looking at the rain?
Mahli ish pi̱sa hinla ho̱?
Can you see the wind?
Hiloha ish ha̱klo ho̱?
Do you hear the thunder?
Mvlahta tuk o̱?
Was it lightning?
Onnakma oktusha chi̱.
It will snow tomorrow.
Mahli chito yvt minti.
The tornado is coming.
Hiloha micha mvlahta tuk.
It was thundering and lightning.