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True Wind
The direction and speed of the wind felt when stationary, at anchor or on land.
A boat's track, behind.
The line along the hull at which a boat floats.
Windward, opposite of leeward.
Weather helm
Boat with a tendency to swing into the wind unless held on course.
Weather Side
The side of a boat on which the wind is blowing.
Whisker pole
A light pole used to hold out the clew of a headsail when running.
A mechanical device, consisting usually of a metal drum turned by a handle, around which a line is wound to give the crew more "help" when tightening a line.
The direction from which the wind blows, towards the wind (opposite of leeward).
Two masts, with the mizzenmast much shorter and set aft of the rudder post. 3 or 4 sails. Term has falled into disuse.