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M1 - U15 Approaches to language teaching

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functional approach
A way of teaching which uses a syllabus based on functions.
communicative approach
A way of teaching based on promoting communication rather than memorising.
content and language integrated learning
An approach where L2 is used to learn a non-language subject in a joint role.
english medium school
School in a non-English speaking country, in which all subjects are taught using English.
To tell someone how well they are doing.
Interaction patterns
The different ways learners and the teacher work together in class
What a learner still has to learn in order to reach their goals
The speed of the lesson. They vary the pace by planning different activities to keep the L's attention.
lexical approach
A way of teaching language that focuses on lexical items or chunks
test teach test
Way of teaching new language. Teacher presents the new language and asks the learners to do another task using the new language.
guided discovery
A teacher provides examples of the target language and then guides the learners to work out the rules.
Information which is given to learners by the teacher
Presentation, Practice and Production (PPP)
Teacher presents the language, gets learners to practise it in exercises or other controlled practice activities and then asks learners to use or produce the same language in a communicative and less controlled way.