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mən görmürəm
I don't see
sən görmürsən
you don't see (sing.)
o görmür
he doesn't see
biz görmürük
we don't see
siz görmürsünüz
you don't see (pl.)
onlar görmürlər
they don't see
mən gəzmirəm
I don't travel
sən gəzmirsən
you don't travel (sing.)
o gəzmir
she doesn't travel
biz gəzmirik
we don't travel
siz gəzmirsiniz
you don't travel (pl.)
onlar gəzmirlər
they don't travel
mən uçmuram
I don't fly
sən uçmursan
you don't fly (sing.)
o uçmur
it doesn't fly
biz uçmuruq
we don't fly
siz uçmursunuz
you don't fly (pl.)
onlar uçmurlar
they don't fly
mən hazırlamıram
I don't prepare
sən hazırlamırsan
you don't prepare (sing.)
o hazırlamır
he doesn't prepare
biz hazırlamırıq
we don't prepare
siz hazırlamırsınız
you don't prepare (pl.)
onlar hazırlamırlar
they don't prepare
mən oturmuram
I don't sit
sən oturmursan
you don't sit (sing.)
o oturmur
she doesn't sit
biz oturmuruq
we don't sit
siz oturmursunuz
you don't sit (pl.)
onlar oturmurlar
they don't sit