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mən etmirəm
I don't do
sən etmirsən
you don't do (sing.)
o etmir
it doesn't do
biz etmirik
we don't do
siz etmirsiniz
you don't do (pl.)
onlar etmirlər
they don't do
mən yazmıram
I don't write
sən yazmırsan
you don't write (sing.)
o yazmır
he doesn't write
biz yazmırıq
we don't write
siz yazmırsınız
you don't write (pl.)
onlar yazmırlar
they don't write
mən almıram
I don't buy
sən almırsan
you don't buy (sing.)
o almır
she doesn't buy
biz almırıq
we don't buy
siz almırsınız
you don't buy (pl.)
onlar almırlar
they don't buy
mən vermirəm
I don't give
sən vermirsən
you don't give (sing.)
o vermir
it doesn't give
biz vermirik
we don't give
siz vermirsiniz
you don't give (pl.)
onlar vermirlər
they don't give
mən getmirəm
I don't go
sən getmirsən
you don't go (sing.)
o getmir
he doesn't go
biz getmirik
we don't go
siz getmirsiniz
you don't go (pl.)
onlar getmirlər
they don't go