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mən bilmirəm
I don't know
sən bilmirsən
you don't know (sing.)
o bilmir
he doesn't know
biz bilmirik
we don't know
siz bilmirsiniz
you don't know (pl.)
onlar bilmirlər
they don't know
mən baxmıram
I don't watch
sən baxmırsan
you don't watch (sing.)
o baxmır
she doesn't watch
biz baxmırıq
we don't watch
siz baxmırsınız
you don't watch (pl.)
onlar baxmırlar
they don't watch
mən olmuram
I don't become
sən olmursan
you don't become (sing.)
o olmur
it doesn't become
biz olmuruq
we don't become
siz olmursunuz
you don't become (pl.)
onlar olmurlar
they don't become
mən sevmirəm
I don't love
sən sevmirsən
you don't love (sing.)
o sevmir
he doesn't love
biz sevmiriq
we don't love
siz sevmirsiniz
you don't love (pl.)
onlar sevmirlər
they don't love
mən istəmirəm
I don't want
sən istəmirsən
you don't want (sing.)
o istəmir
she doesn't want
biz istəmiriq
we don't want
siz istəmirsiniz
you don't want (pl.)
onlar istəmirlər
they don't want