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Food & Drink: Sentences

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Kaffimik imerpunga.
I drink coffee. (with object)
I drink coffee. (verb only)
Nukappiaraq tiimik imerpoq.
The boy drinks tea. (with object)
Nukappiaraq tiitorpoq.
The boy drinks tea. (verb only)
Angut neqimik nerivoq.
The man eats meat.
Angutit nerpimmik neripput.
The men eat fish meat.
Puisip neqaamik nerivutit.
You (sg.) eat seal meat.
Puulukip neqaamik nerivugut.
We eat pork.
Nersussuup neqaamik nerivunga.
I eat beef.
Paarnganik nerivusi.
You (pl.) eat berries/fruits.
Salaatitinik nerivunga.
I eat salad.
Arnat katorfilinik neripput.
The women eat potatoes.
Niviarsiaraq baajanik imerpoq.
The girl drinks beers.
Arnat viinimik imerput.
The women drink (a bottle of) wine.
Bananinik nerivutit.
You (sg.) eat bananas.
Appelsiinanik nerivugut.
We eat oranges.
Sandwichimik nerivunga.
I eat a sandwich.
Angutit sukkutinik neripput.
The men eat sugar.
Arnat qasilitsutinik neripput.
The women eat pepper.
Nukappiaqqat tungumik imerput.
The boys drink juice.
Niviarsiaraq sukkulaammik nerivoq.
The girl eats chocolate.
Kaagimik nerivutit.
You (sg.) eat a cake.
Kissinik nerivunga.
I eat biscuits.
Immussuamik nerivoq.
She eats cheese.
Arnaq suppamik nerivoq.
The woman eats soup.