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Animals: Sentences

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Uumasoq neqimik nerivoq.
The animal eats meat.
Qitsuk immummik imerpoq.
The cat drinks milk.
Qimmit imimik imerput.
The dogs drink water.
Hiistit iipilinik neripput.
The horses eat apples.
Nersussuaq iffiamik nerivoq.
The cow eats bread.
Kaniinat salaatitinik neripput.
The rabbits eat salads.
Qeerlutuut imimik imerput.
The ducks drink water.
Teriaq immussuamik nerivoq.
The mouse eats cheese.
Sava baajanik imerpoq.
The sheep drinks beers.
Nanunat viinimik imerput.
The bears drink (a bottle of) wine.
Nanoq puisip neqaamik nerivoq.
The polar bear eats seal meat.
Tuttut sandwichinik neripput.
The reindeer eat sandwiches.
Tuttorsuaq tungumik imerpoq.
The deer drinks juice.
Terianniaq kaaginik nerivoq.
The fox eats cakes.
Puisi puisip neqaamik nerivoq!
The seal eats seal meat!
Arferit tiitorput.
The whales drink tea. (verb only)
Uppik katorfilinik nerivoq.
The owl eats potatoes.
Aasiak salaatitinik nerivoq.
The spider eats a salad.
Saaniluk imimik imerpoq.
The turtle drinks water.
Puuluki bananinik nerivoq.
The pig eats bananas.
Aalisakkat baajanik imerput.
The fish drink beers.