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Plurals 1: Sentences

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Anaanat aviisinik atuarput.
The mothers read newspapers.
Ataatat pisupput.
The fathers walk.
Tuttut immummik imerput.
The reindeer drink milk.
Savat iipilinik neripput.
The sheep eat apples.
Hiistit pangalipput.
The horses run.
Baajat imigassaapput.
Beers are alcoholic drinks.
Bananit inuussutissaapput.
Bananas are food.
Appelsiinat paarngaapput.
Oranges are fruits.
Aqissit imimik imerput.
The ptarmigans drink water.
Sanasut pisupput.
The carpenters run.
Qimmit neqimik neripput.
The dogs eat meat.
Paniit niviarsiaraapput.
The daughters are girls.
Inuit iffiamik neripput.
The people eat bread.
Aasiaat salaatitinik neripput.
The spiders eat salad.
Saaniluit imimik imerput.
The turtles drink water.
Ikinngutit arnaapput.
The friends are women.
Sukkulaatit inuussutissaapput.
The chocolates are food.
Timmiaatit terianik neripput.
The caged birds eat mice.