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Basics 1: Sentences

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I drink.
You (sg.) drink.
I eat.
You (sg.) eat.
Iipilimik nerivunga.
I eat an apple.
Iipilimik nerivutit.
You (sg.) eat an apple.
Iipilimik nerivoq.
She eats an apple.
Arnaq iipilimik nerivoq.
The woman eats an apple.
Imimik imerpunga.
I drink water.
Imimik imerputit.
You (sg.) drink water.
Imimik imerpoq.
He drinks water.
Niviarsiaraq imimik imerpoq.
The girl drinks water.
Iffiamik nerivunga.
I eat bread.
Iffiamik nerivutit.
You (sg.) eat bread.
Iffiamik nerivoq.
He eats bread.
Angut iffiamik nerivoq.
The man eats bread.
Immummik imerpunga.
I drink milk.
Immummik imerpoq.
She drinks milk.
Nukappiaraq immummik imerpoq.
The boy drinks milk.