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Short Term Memory
memory for immediate events, with limited duration and capacity
Long Term Memory
Memory for events of the past. Potentially unlimited duration and capacity
A measure of how long a memory is available before it is no longer avaliable
7+-2 is the span of immediate memory
STM not as extensive as first thought, limited to 4 chunks
Multi-Store Model
Developed by Atkinson and Shiffrin
Sensory, short term, long term components
Components of MSM
PP saw grid of letters and digits. Asked to write them all down or hear a tone and write down that row.
Sperling Findings
Recall of whole grid = 42%, compared to recalling one row = 75%
MSM limitations
STM and LTM not unitary, rehearsal vs processes
Working Memory Model
4 slave systems: Central executive, Phonological loop, episodic buffer, Visuo-spatial sketchpad
Effects of heightened anxiety on accuracy of EWR
Christianson and Hubinette
Emotional arousal enhances accuracy. Interviews with 58 real witnesses who'd been threatened, recall more accurate
Weapon focus effect.
Yerkes Dodson Law
As anxiety increases so does performanve up to a point where it then starts to decrease
Cognitive Interview
Report everything, mental reinstatement, changing the order, Changing the perspective
Strategies for Memory improvement
Mnemonics, mindmaps, rhymes, method of loci, acronym