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Intentional tort
A tortious act committed with intent.
A defamatory statement in written or published form.
Failure to exercise the degree of care expected or a reasonably prudent person to avoid the risk of harm to others.
Negligence per se
Negligence that consists of a violation of a statute designed to protect the public safety.
Proximate cause
A cause that sets in motion a sequence of events that results in a foreseeable injury that otherwise would not have occurred.
Public figure
An individual who has acquired fame or notoriety or who has participated in a particular public controversy.
Punitive damages
Damages awarded in malicious wrongdoing to punish the wrongdoer and deter others from behaving similarly.
Reasonable care
The care that a reasonably prudent person would use under the same or similar circumstances.
Defamation by unprivileged oral communication to a third party.
Superseding cause
An unforeseeable intervening event that interrupts the chain of causation.
A wrongful act that injures another.
A person who commits a tort.
Transferred intent
A doctrine that a wrongdoer who causes harm to a person other than the one intended may be held to have intended the harmful result.
Trespass to land
To enter wrongfully or without consent on to the real property of another.