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Strict liability

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Commonly known danger
Dangers that are so commonly known that manufacturers do not need to warn users about them.
Manufacturing defect
Failure to meet design specifications that causes a product to be unreasonably dangerous.
Products liability
Liability imposed on a manufacturer or seller for a defective and unreasonably dangerous product.
Unreasonably dangerous product
A product that is more dangerous than an ordinary used of the product would expect or that is more dangerous than useful.
Design defect
A faulty design that makes a product unreasonably dangerous.
Warning defect
Failure to warn users of a hidden danger that makes a product unreasonably dangerous.
Product misuse
Defense to strict products liability when a product is misused in an unforeseeable way.
Abnormally dangerous activity
An activity that involves a high degree of risk of serious harm that cannot be completely guarded against by the exercise of reasonable care.
Strict liability
Liability that is imposed without a finding of fault.