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Utility patent
A form of legal protection granted for an invention that provides some identifiable benefit and is capable of use.
Work made for hire
Work that is the property of an employer when made by one acting as an employee or is the property of one for whom it is specially ordered or commissioned.
Patent infringement
Unauthorized use of a patented invention or process.
Fair Use
A use of copyrighted material that is not infringement provided that the use is fair and reasonable and does not substantially impair the value of the work.
Patent troll
A person or company that attempts to enforce patent rights against accused infringers far beyond the patent's actual value or contribution to the prior art.
Non-practicing entity (NPE)
An entity that holds patents but does not manufacture products or supply services based upon the patents held.
The exclusive right to reproduce, publish, perform, distribute, or sell an original work of authorship.
Copyright infringement
he copying, distribution, or public performance of a material and substantial portion of a copyrighted work.
Design patent
A form of legal protection granted to the ornamental design of a functional item.
Copyright Office
The department of the Library of Congress that examines and registers copyright claims.
A word, phrase, symbol, or design, or a combination thereof, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.
Trade secret
A formula, process, device or item of information used by a business that has economic value because it is not generally known or easily discovered by observation and for which reasonable attempts to maintain secrecy have been made.
Statutory damages
Damages that allow copyright holders who succeed with claims of infringement to receive compensation up to $150,000 per work copied as opposed to actual damages.