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In personam jurisdiction
The jurisdiction of a court over the persons before it that allows the court to issue a binding judgment.
In rem jurisdiction
The jurisdiction granted a court over property that allows a court to issue judgments affecting a person’s interest in the property.
The authority to interpret, apply, and declare the law.
Long-arm statute
A state statute allowing for the assertion of personal jurisdiction over a non-resident defendant.
The formal documents setting forth claims, allegations, denials, and defenses in a lawsuit.
Question of fact
A question that depends on the examination of factual matters that is usually decided by a jury and that is not usually considered on appeal.
Question of law
A question that depends on the examination of law rather than fact and that is decided by a judge rather than jury and may be examined on appeal.
Service of process
The act of delivering or informing someone of a writ, summons, or other notice required by law.
Standing to sue
The status of being qualified to assert or enforce legal rights in court because one has a sufficient interest in the outcome and has suffered a recognizable injury.
A written notification that one is required to appear in court.
The place from which a jury is drawn and in which trial is held.
The usually unanimous finding of a jury on one or more matters submitted to it in trial.
Voir dire
The process of questioning potential jurors to determine which are qualified and suited for service on a jury.
Writ of certiorari
An order issued by the Supreme Court requiring a lower court to send the record of a case that it has agreed to review.