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plain past form-[ら]
conditional expression/If
[おかねが あったら]、。。
If I had money, ..
[じかんが なかったら]、。。
If I don't have time, ..
If it is cheap, ..
If you have free time, ..
た-form [ら],..
When ... / After...(verb conjugation, colloquial)
[10じに なったら]、。。
When it turned ten o'clock, ..
[うちへ かえったら]、。。
After returning home.. /Having returned home..
Even if...
[あめが ふっても]、。。
Even if it rains, ..
Even if it is sunday, ..
[いくら] ~ても
however -, even if -
[いくら かんがえても]、。。
Even if I think about it, .. / No matter how much I think about it..
[いくら たかくても]、。。
Even if it is expensive, .. / No matter how expensive it is, ..
[ともだちが くる まえに]、。。
Before my friends come, ..