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Weather ~ Part 2

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Arctic air mass
From the north, brings cold temperatures and snow in winter and early spring.
Polar Maritime air mass
From the northwest Atlantic, cold moist weather.
Polar Continental air mass
From the east, bitterly cold temperatures bringing snow in late winter/ early spring.
Tropical Maritime air mass
From the southwest, brings moist, cooler temperatures in summer, wet and mild conditions in winter.
Topical continental air mass
From the southeast, summer only, brings heat wave conditions.
The great UK storm date.
Tropical Storm
Intense low pressure systems that develop in the tropics.
Conditions needed for a hurricane
27 degrees sea temperature, 70m depth, 5 degrees north/ south of the equator.
Hurricane Katrina - date.
Hurricane Katrina - category.
Beaufort scale
Scale for categorising wind speed and storm impact.
Venturi effect
Air pressure within the gap causes wind to pick up speed.
Albedo effect
Reflectivity of a surface.
Cyclone Nargis - date.
Cyclone Nargis - category.