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Oceans circulatory pattern caused by movement of water from one climatic zone to the other.
Movement of air from an area of high to low pressure caused by temperature expanding/ falling.
Area of high pressure associated with clear skies, low wind speeds and fog.
Area of low pressure associated with rain and high wind speeds and in summer, cooler temperatures.
A band of low pressure associated with the movement of a band of clouds and rain over the Equator by movement of the Hadley Cell.
ITCZ (part 1)
Occurs along a line where the trade winds converge, marks and area of intense low pressure that moves north and south of the Equator.
ITCZ (part 2)
Leading edge of the depression where warm less dense air rises above colder air above.
Warm Front
Rear or the depression where colder denser air pushes against warmer air ahead.
Cold Front
Cold air undercuts warm air in a depression so it no longer touches the ground.
Length of daylight hours, angle of incidence.
Factors affecting insolation
Westerly band of wind, associated with the meeting of the cold Polar air and warm Tropical air high above the Atlantic (marking the division between Polar and Ferrel cells).
Polar Front Jet Stream
Associated with the poleward ends of the Hadley cell.
Subtropical Jet Stream
Points of equal atmospheric pressure.
Clean air acts - year established.
Layer extending 8-16 km upwards of the earth surface- temperatures decrease with height.