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The point at which condensation occurs.
Dew point
Atmospheric condition where temperature increases with height.
Temperature inversion
Air rises, expands and cools.
Adiabatic cooling
Cold ground cools the surface.
Diabatic cooling
The average weather taken over an area usually for a 30 year period.
Day to day state of the atmosphere.
Rotation of the Earth.
Coriolis effect
6.5 degrees Celsius drop per 1000 metres altitude rise.
Environmental Lapse Rate
Movement of a Depression across the British Isles.
West to East
Anticyclones that remain stationary for many days.
Blocking Anticyclone
Mass of warm air moves horizontally across a cooler surface.
Advection Fog
Natural event brought by weather or climate that threatens life and property.
Climatic Hazard
Analysis of tree ring samples.
How much colder it feels because of the cooling effect of wind.
How hot it feels because of the combined effect of humidity as well as the actual temperature.
Heat Index