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Verbs A-M (Season 3)

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badan klin
to swear fealty/loyalty (to)
ban op
to leave, to abandon
ban we
to take away
bash op
to harm
beja daun
to beg, plead
blid au
to bleed (I)
bon au
to cry
buk au
to run (II)
doba op
to double back
drag daun
to cause a delay
drein au
to bleed (II)
drop of
to lose, to misplace
fir in
to be afraid of s.o. or s.t.
fir raun
to fear, to be afraid
fis klin
to decree
fish raun
to fish
flag daun
to signal for s.o. or s.t.
flag raun
to signal
fleim daun
to burn completely, burn to the ground
flou thru
to flow, to work, to function
fou daun
to lie down
gada op
to gather
get raun
to atone
goch klin
to avenge
goch op
to escort, to guard
gon daun (I)
to fight s.o. or s.t (gon op)
gouba raun
to group (by number), to treat, to consider, to regard
gouva klin
to explain
gyon klin
to pass on
hed daun
to grieve
hed op
to lead, to rule
hosh op
to quiet
jok au
to rip out, to extract, to yank
jomp in
to fight, to join a fight
kamp daun
keep down
kep in
to keep
kep klin
to save
to continue
klir of
to let go of
kok au
to resist
kom daun (I)
to come down (from a high, from a place)
koma op
to give honor (s.o./s.t)
lev op
to train
lid in
to bring
lus au
to untie, to free
to mean, to aim, to intend
mema in
to remember
mema we
to miss (to not remember)
mes op
to interrupt
min klin
to intrude
min op
to enter