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Verbs N-Z (Season 2)

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ouyon klin
to owe
pat daun
to search
ponk klin
to fool, to trick
pul klin
to pull hard, to yank
pul op
to pull
pudon op
to wear
pul we
to pull away, to drag away
rid op
to sleep
ron of
to (attempt) escape
ron op
to give (transitive)
ron raun
to give, to run (intransitive)
ron we
to run away
rowe op
to retreat
sad in
to decide, to choose, to prefer
sad klin
to decide emphatically, to make a definite choice
sad op
to pick out, to choose s.o. or s.t.
to mean, to signify
sen in
to hear, to listen
sen op
to send
set daun
to get down, to stay down, to surrender
set raun
to wait, stand in place, to make one wait or stand
shil op
to protect, to defend
shof op
to be quiet
sin in
to witness, to watch
sis au
to assist
sis op
to grap, to take
slip daun
to fall/come down, to slay
smak daun
to knock down
son op
to dry s.o. or s.t.
ste daun
to be dead
stot au
to start, to begin
tag laik
to name, to call
to let, to allow
teik au
to seize, to eliminate
teik in
to accept
tel op
to tell
throu daun
to fight (gon op/raun)
tich op
to teach
to try, trying to
trip raun
to get angry, to freak out, to loose one's cool
vout in
to think
wada klin
to clean, to cleanse
wan op
to die
wich in
to believe, to trust
win au
to win
zog raun
to strike, to attack (as a group), to ambush