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Benlèu deman va nevar.
Probably it will snow tomorrow.
annada lutz
light year
Ostal Blanc
White House
De qué preferas, vin blanc o vin rotge ?
Which do you prefer, white wine or red wine?
Volerí beure un cafè.
I would like to drink a coffee.
Negre sus blanc
Black on White
blat turc
maize, corn
Un bon ciutadan aubedís la lei.
A good citizen obeys the laws.
podètz escriure lo bon mot
you may type the correct word
Te cau portar lo passapòrt a la banca.
You should bring your passport to the bank.
bolega pas pus, coma mòrta
she doesn’t move anymore, like she’s dead
Magdalena bolega las ancas coma una femna jova
Magdalena moves her tighs like young women do
res bolegava pas
nothing was moving
la lei que garanteish a
cadun la proprietat de son òbra
Los imatges dins la tèsta se butan i se mesclan
the images in the head were pushing and mixing eachother
una linha d' entèsta en naut de cada pagina
a header line at the top of each page
Per malastre, devèvi me lhevar fòrça de d'ora cada matin.
Unfortunately, I have to get up early every morning.
Escotas cada jorn la ràdio a casa ?
Do you listen to the radio at home every day?
Lo prètz que pujan a cada còp.
The prices are going up higher and higher.
Lo prepaus a pas cambiat :
butar l’occitan dins l’espaci de la reflexion