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abans que plòga, me cal dintrar la bugada
I must get the laundry before it rains.
a condicion que lo lengatge siá estructurat
As long as the language is structured.
Lo pargue de las autos es a gratis.
Parking is free.
a la fin se sauprà
In the end, this will be known.
Portatz-me-lo abans que parta.
Bring him to me before he leaves.
basta de regardar a man drecha
just look right
Vira a man esquèrra.
Turn left.
L'idèa que tot aquò siá a mand de desaparéisser
The ideea that all this is on the brink of disappearing.
Una part importanta es a l'ora d'ara accessibla dins la bibliotèca
Much is now available at the library.
las questions que vos pausatz a prepaus de l'occitan
The questions you ask about the Occitan.
nos laissant a pro penas lo temps de los digerir
Leaving us hardly any time to digest it.
a pro penas reconeguts
Hardly recognized.
Cada matin, a punta d'alba, sortís per anar trabalhar.
At dawn every morning you go to work.
Abans tot, volerí explicar mon punt de vista.
First of all I would like to explain my point of view.
ont vas abans la nuèit ?
Where are you going before dark?
Adieu-siatz ma maire
Hello, mother
Adieu-siatz tristor
Hello Sadness
passaretz un moment agradiu
you will have a good time
Èra agradiu de't tornar véser.
It was nice to see you again.
A prepaus de la gastronomia
About the gastronomy