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excuse-me (informal)
excuse-me (formal)
on purpose
fàcia a
in front of
faguèri quicòm
I did something, I made something
fai tirar !
move ahead
fai-o !
do it !
fai-o lèu !
do it soon !
faire lo pisson
to take a piss
fait fach
far / faire
to do, to make
far flòri
to succeed
far la cara / far lo morre
to sulk
far la fèu
to party
far la figa
to take the piss
far linguèta a qualqu'un
to do a blowjob to someone
far marmanda
to succeed, to be succesful
far masèl
to kill the pig
far meuca
to fail
far pinhòla
to masturbate