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Nom d'utilizaire
User name
Prèp de nosautres
close to us
Lo nom es pas corrèct
Wrong name
Podètz alara clicar sus Remplaçar
Now you can click on Replace
Alavetz, cal díser...
Then, you have to say...
Alavetz que nos cal fèr ?
Then, what are we supposed to do?
Lo pastís es un alcòl anisat
Pastis is an aniseed alcohol
Qualitat nauta
High quality
allòc de daissar sa cartolina de visita
instead of leaving his card
am passat tota la serada en dançar amassa
We spent all evening dancing together
Es un plaser d’èsser aicí
It's a pleasure to be here
un amic savi e ajudaire
a friend who is wise and helpful
la mia amiga de tostemps
my lifelong friend
soi cadut amorós
I fell in love
Ne podètz pas anar en contra de las leis de la natura
You can't go against the laws of nature
Podes i anar
You may go
Anatz enfants de lor patria
Arise, children of their fatherland
a ben lèu
see you soon
Entendut anuèch a las informacions
Heard yesterday night at the news