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Digatz la vertat, quitament se vòstra votz tremola.
Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.
La vertat a besonh de paucs mots
Truth needs not many words.
I a fòrça vertat dins çò que dises.
There is a lot of truth in what you are saying
Cèrqui un òme vièlh.
I'm looking for an old man.
Se n'i avèva pas d'aiga, pas nada creatura ne poderé pas viure.
If it were not for water no creature could live.
En aranés, vo'n pregui.
In Aranese, please.
lo voler de la vida etèrna
the desire of eternal life
sense voler compréner
unwilling to understand
Vòli pas trabalhar e sabi pas raubar.
I don’t want to work and I don’t know how to steal.
Te vòli per me gardar coma ieu te gardi
I want you to care for me as I care for you
Vos afortissi que lo planh es automatizat.
I can assure you that the plan is authomatized
Vos en pregui, diguèt lo vièlh, assetatz-vos
Please, said the old man, sit down.
la joventut francesa se revoutava còntra vosautres
the French youth revolted against you
lor demorança perlongada sul sòl lunar e dins lo vuèg
their long staying on lunar ground and in the void
vosautras, las femnas
you women